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Drunk driving is highly prohibited in Los Angeles. In the past years, there are several road accidents associated with drunk driving. Studies show that drunk driving fatalities and injuries cost over 114 billion dollars. There are approximately half a million drunk driving accidents in the city. Drunk driving is called driving while intoxicated, or driving under influence (DWI or DUI).

DUI incidents are monitored by the city’s police system. There are several police stand posts around the city. Some areas have checkpoints for DUI. Policemen examine breath and condition of drivers, equipped with DUI inspection tools. Common DUI tools are standardized field sobriety tests (SFST) and breath analyzers. These enable them to examine alcohol intoxication of drivers.

SFST is a three-step battery test. First, policemen check a driver’s gaze angle. In legal terms, this is known as horizontal gaze nystagmus. Intoxicated drivers have impaired eye monitoring system. Their eyes cannot follow fast-moving objects. Policemen require drivers to stare closely at a moving object. Frequently, they use a pen or small flashlight. Jerking of the eye indicate intoxication. Likewise, inability to focus on a moving object indicates alcohol consumption. SFST also tests consumption of inhalants and depressants.

Subjects are then asked to stand on one foot. This is called a one leg stand test. After this, they undergo a walk-and-turn test. Drivers in good condition can stand on one foot for a long period of time, and they can follow directions for walking. DUI drivers find it difficult to follow instructions in the walk-and-turn test. In the same way, their tipsiness hampers their sense of balance. One leg stand and walk-and-turn tests verify alcohol consumption. Positive indicators establish probable cause. A probable cause is then examined by a DUI attorney Los Angeles.

Moreover, a PAS machine, or breathalyzer, examines blood alcohol level. A breathalyzer contains glass vials, which are filled with a substance that changes depending on the alcohol level. A breath sample is placed on the vials, and the breathalyzer meter measures the degree of color change on the vials. Extreme color change indicates high alcohol levels on the blood. A DUI attorney Los Angeles inspects breathalyzer meter and breath samples during investigation.

A DUI attorney Los Angeles guides DUI suspect drivers. They help nullify results in SFST and breathalyzer tests. Lawyers ensure their clients are innocent from DUI by conducting independent investigation to examine their client’s case.