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A Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Be Both An Advocate And A Counselor.

As this "invisible crime" becomes increasingly important to the public, the role of the lawyer in domestic violence has expanded far beyond merely representing a client in court. Whether there is a representation of the victim or the perpetrator, a lawyer in San Bernardino specializing in this area of ??law need be aware of the changing legal context about these types of acts, the possible civil consequences, and potential counseling options. Hopefully, reduce future actions.


What is domestic violence?


These actions are often defined as a pattern of abusive behavior between partners in an intimate relationship that one person uses to control or manipulate the other party. This can include emotional, physical, verbal, sexual and psychological abuse. Although men and women, children, unmarried couples, and others are commonly known in situations involving abused women, they can still be victims or perpetrators.


Each state has its definitions of what constitutes this type of criminal activity. For this reason, legal practitioners must make professional decisions about the standards concerned and how their clients' actions are measured against these legal definitions. If a victim is a client, a lawyer should be able to advise on available remedies, both regarding criminal and civil penalties and ways to remove the person from potentially dangerous situations.


Treat the allegations


Maintaining a Law Office of Joyce Holcomb family lawyer in San Bernardino on domestic violence as the first item on the agenda will ensure that all orders issued by the Court are followed. This may be a contactless order, a criminal or civil injunction or an injunction restricting or prohibiting contact between the parties and other directions. These can be significant limitations, not just physical contacts, but written, electronic or even third parties acting as agents. The lawyer must ensure that his client complies the duration of the act.


Counseling for the victim and the abuser is another feature that can be ordered. Psychological assessments can help legal professionals assess the situation and better understand how the client's point of view can best be presented in a criminal or civilian context. These studies can also play an essential role in possible alternatives to sanctions that a court could consider.



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