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First of all, it is good to remember that the damaged motorist, exempt from any responsibility, can activate the procedure of "direct compensation" of the damages suffered by directing the request directly to his insurance company; it is a simple procedure that guarantees the attainment of the indemnity in a short time (about three months). Hire a Las Vegas accident attorney.


This procedure can always be activated, except for the hypotheses in which the road accident involves: more than two vehicles; a vehicle not regularly insured; a vehicle not registered in Italy; a vehicle that does not fall within the category of motor vehicles; a cyclist, a pedestrian or a real estate. It can not also be activated when: there was no collision between the two vehicles; serious injuries resulting from permanent macro disability have resulted from the accident.


It should be noted, then, that in the event that the accident is caused by a vehicle registered abroad, the other motorist must present his claim for compensation to the Las Vegas law firm, which will contact the foreign insurance company, which in turn he will make use of the collaboration of an Italian company to entrust the management of the road accident.


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