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McBeath & Smith attorneys; for all your child custody concerns.

Marriage is a beautiful holy union that is meant to be happy and fulfilling. Sometimes though, things do not quite work out and a couple resorts to filling divorce. Where the couple has children they may reach an agreement to child custody by themselves but if such an agreement is not possible, the judge will make the decision. Such child custody agreement or child custody decree shall determine which of the two parents the children shall live with, who shall provide child support have provisions on visitation.

A family law firm situated in Santa Rosa, in McBeath & Smith, LLP. Boasting of many years’ experience in family law matters who have a proficient understanding of the California family law and will swiftly help walk you through such matters as child custody process. They not only represent our clients in court but also in arbitration or mediation where we help a couple reach an amicable agreement to child custody. They further ensure that the process is less messy as possible and devote themselves to meeting their clients expectations. Particularly, they emphasize in giving personal attention to their clients and help them make a new beginning.



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