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The entire process of drilling for oil is full of obvious danger. You are working with almost solid steels with substantial weight. However, weight is never a concern in this scenario. The issues come in when such weighty rigs are vehicle accidents. You may even be crushed by the heavy steel pipes which spins on the air all day long.


Therefore, you need to take the right steps in the event of an accident in an oil field in Nacogdoches. There are five essential steps followed;

1. The first step is to inform the site supervisor of the accident. Police should be contacted as well as the family needs.

2. Secondly, the victim should receive immediate medical attention since oil field accidents can be fatal.

3. Every occurrence leading to the accident should be documented. For proper evidence, the picture should be taken at various angles to confirm the accident.

4. All details to the witnesses should all be gathered. Names of those who saw the accident, their numbers as well as the addresses should be written down.

5. Get in touch with a Nacogdoches Personal Injury Attorney


With the help of Norton Schwab law firm located in Nacogdoches, you can easily walk through the legal process.


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