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A parent and a child have a very special bond that should last a lifetime. However, things and circumstances change and the bond is broken through no fault of the child or the parent. Often, during a divorce or some other dispute, paternity questions might arise to break the bond. What was previously assumed is now at debate. The paternity of the child is at issue. A spouse, adult child, or other family member would like to know who is the legal father or mother.

Establishing Paternity

It is certainly a good idea to consult with a paternity lawyer to help with legally establishing the paternity of the child. Often, it is important to determine the legal parent because of a divorce, and one partner in the marriage is trying to get support for the child. Often, the parties involved require legal assistance to protect their rights under the law. Consult with Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm, PLLC to make sure your legal paternity rights are fully explained and protected.

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