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If you sustain injuries or property damage following a truck accident, depending on the factual matrix of your case, an attorney is required. The matter falls within the Law of Torts which covers negligent acts or omissions by defendants. Auto-accidents pose a difficult challenge to a plaintiff as you are required to prove among other things, a duty of care, breach of duty, non-remoteness, and fault on part of the wrong-doer. Contact an attorney immediately to gather evidentiary materials such as photos of the accident scene. Nevertheless, the defendant is likely to recruit an opposing attorney who can punch holes in your case. This is why you need a competent legal practitioner.

In some cases, there may be multiple defendants or plaintiffs of a negligent truck accident case. California has developed a comparative negligence legal system for the apportionment of damages among the faulty parties. The defendant will try to impugn your claim by citing contributory negligence or other defenses recognized by the law, where tenable; damages can be reduced or negated. Your attorney is conversant with all laws centered on negligence and can rebut the objections.

A dependable syndicate of legal professionals specializing in torts will enable you to succeed in your claim. Truck accidents are regulated by jurisdictional regulations and federal laws which can affect the decision of your matter. These accidents are caused by human error, drug abuse, poor maintenance, defective components and service violations. A competent legal representative is needed to pin negligence on the part of the defendant and vicarious liability on insurers. Distinguished Justice Advocates is a website that can help people find a good lawyer near them. 

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