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Truck Accident Lawyer in Portland, Oregon

Truck accidents can be very scary just because of how big trucks are. Trucks are very big, very heavy, and are unable to maneuver as quickly as a motorcycle or a car can, which also leads them to be stuck in stickier situations. It also makes it so more often than not if involved in a truck accident you will be injured. Being injured from an accident can really take a toll on you. It can cause you to spend hours to days in the hospital depending on the types of injuries incurred. If the accident was not your fault you can hire a truck accident lawyer Portland and they will help you retrieve compensation for your injuries.


Having a law firm on your side for your injury really enhances your chances of receiving full compensation. This compensation is to help you cover the costs of your medical expenses.  Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman are a personal injury law firm in Portland who has over thirty years of experience in handling people’s truck accident cases. Their Portland attorneys are well trained and versed in the truck accident law. Your attorney will be there from the filing of the case right up until the case has been closed. You do not need to feel as though you are going through this process alone.

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