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Ramey Law, P.C. – Specialist in Slip and Fall Accidents Lawsuits

Slip and fall accidents caused by the negligence of government or private owners is very common. Remember, whether it is stumble, twist, overextension encountered due to cracked sidewalks, uneven steps, potholes, spill on the walking areas, dim lighting etc resulting in any kind of slip and fall accident comes under subset of personal injury law. You can claim by proving the negligence of the owner. This requires attorneys who are experienced in the practice of civil litigation. Ramey Law, P.C. is the renowned firm is Los Angeles that provides personalized attention to each of its clients. Having an experience of 37 years, this law firm has team of aggressive advocates who specialize in filing personal injury lawsuit.

Slip and fall accidents require special consideration like identifying the responsible party and proving negligence. Very often the victim is held responsible for contributory negligence; hence in such instances victims must retain attorneys from Ramey Law, P.C. This personal injury legal firm serving  the Long Beach area is committed to provide quality legal services and helps the clients to navigate successfully in all legal formalities and get the best economic resolution in the slip and fall accident cases.

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